Metastases to oro-maxillo-facial region from distant sites: are they so rare? A single centre 8-years experience.


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Valentina Terenzi, Andrea Cassoni, Oriana Rajabtork Zadeh, Ingrid Raponi, Marco Della Monaca, Davina Bartoli, Andrea Battisti, Valentino Valentini.

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2015 86: 5-8

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AIM: The goal of our study is investigate the frequency of metastasis to oro-maxillo-facial region to understand if they are really so rare. MATERIAL OF STUDY: In this eight year’s retrospective study (2004-2012) we collected 15 cases of metastasis localized in the maxilla-facial region from distant primary tumor. RESULTS: Our results show breast and kidney as the most frequent primary site (40% and 20% respectively), adenocarcinoma as most common histological type (60%). Bone involvement has found to be much frequent than the soft tissue one (53.3%). The mandible (5/15 cases) is more affected than the maxilla, and most common interested subsites are molar and retromolar region. In our study we found only one case of unknown primary tumor, it was a mandibular bone metastasis from a renal clear cell carcinoma. CONCLUSION: Finally, according to our results and considering the increase of survival in cancer disease, even if metastases to oro- maxilla- facial region from distant sites are not frequent, it is important to suspect secondary lesions both in patients that was referred a tumor in their medical history and in those that present a head and neck lesion.