Meningioma en plaque a case report.


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Biagio Roberto Carangelo, Francesco Vitaliano Muzii, Davide Luglietto, Ludovica Cellini, Anna Vaiano, Guido Gabriele, Giovanni Muscas

Ann Ital Chir, 2021; 10 – Sept. 20

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Meningioma en plaque a case report.

Meningiomas as anatomo-pathological entities were first described in the sixteenth century, but it was Harvey Cusching who in 1922 proposed to identify them with the term “meningioma”.
They are the most common intracranial tumors, occur between middle and late age and prefer female sex. The symptoms
depend on their position with respect to the brain regions. These are mostly benign neoplasms, but there are atypical and even malignant forms. Plaque meningioma refers to a specific macroscopic aspect of the meningioma, due to diffuse dural involvement and usually with extracranial extension. We report here a case of plaque convex meningioma with typical grade I.