Manual vs stapled excision of rectal mucosal prolapse: clinical and functional results


COD: 2004_03_331-336 Categorie: ,

R. Pietroletti, M. Nemati Fard, L. Vasapollo, M. Pescatori

Ann. Ital. Chir., LXXV, 3, 2004

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Rectal internal mucosal prolapse (RIMP) is one of the most frequent causes of obstructed defecation, sometimes associated to other symptoms such as tenesmus, mucus discharge, bleeding (8).
Not rarely ischaemic changes in prolapsed mucosa may end up in ulcerations and polyps, as reported in the solitary rectal ulcer syndrome
(1, 2, 13). Standard treatment includes high fiber diet, bulk laxatives, hydrocortisone enemas. In case of prolapsed mucosa, causing distressing symptoms, surgical excision may be indicated (6).