Malattia emorroidaria: inquadramento epidemiologico e correlazione con la stipsi cronica


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M. Faccini, W. Zuccon, P. Caputo, D. Gavezzoli, A. Manelli, L. Bonandrini

Ann. Ital. Chir., LXXII, 3, 2001

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Following a review of international literature, AA report main results and refer their opinion about the correlation of hemorroidal disease with constipation, considering some variants as well as age, sex, breed, social-economic condition and geographic distribution in USA, England and Wales. Epidemiologically ten millions of people, in USA, are affected by hemorroidal disease; the incidence rate is 4.4% with an age distribution that shows a prevalence between 45-65 years old subject while constipation has an esponential increase with aging. Hemorroidal disease is significally influenced by sex and geographic distribution that is in white breed more than in black, in social high class and in men more than women. In black breed constipation and hemorroidal disease present expecially in lowersocial classes. Besed on these results hemorroidal disease shows on epidemiological pattern that differ from constipation’s one. Many questions are still present about correlations between hemorroidal disease and chronic constipation regarding etiopathogenesis. Only future case-control studies will solve the problem.