L’ulcera di Dieulafoy: causa rara di emorragia del tratto gastroenterico superiore. Nostra esperienza


COD: 2001_02_233-238 Categorie: ,

C. Sciumè, G. Di Vita, G. Geraci, F. Pisello, G. Modica

Ann. Ital. Chir., LXXII, 2, 2001

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Objective: the authors report their experience about the endoscopic treatment of upper gastrointestinal bleeding from Dieulatoy’s ulcer (non variceal bleeding). Design: report of 5 cases; evaluation of mortality and effectiveness of the treatment. Setting: Operative Unit of General and Thoracic Surgery, Department of Surgical, Anatomical and Oncological Disciplines. Policlinico, University of Palermo. Interventions: EGDS + sclerotherapy (emergency room) in all 5 patients.
Results: 80% successful (stop bleeding).
Conclusions: endoscopic sclerotherapy is choice treatment of upper gastrointestinal bleeding from Dieulafoy’s ulcer, only in well experienced teams and rapidly.