Long term outcomes of fissurectomy and anoplasty for chronic anterior anal fissure without hypertonia: low recurrences and continence conservation.


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Beatrice D’Orazio, Fausto Famà, Bianca Cudia, Guido Martorana, Giovanni Corbo, Gloria Terranova, Sebastiano Bonventre, Gaetano Di Vita

Ann Ital Chir, 2022 93, 1: 108-112

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INTRODUCTION: Etiopathogenesis of Chronic Anal Anterior Fissure (CAAF) remains poorly understood. Some anatomical, clinical and functional features suggest that pathophysiology may be linked to a reduced anal canal pressure. LIS appear illogical as a treatment for CAAF and the employ of techniques aiming to save the integrity of the sphincterial system appears more sensible. The aim of this study was to evaluate 5 years results of fissurectomy and anoplasty with cutaneous V-Y advancement flap in patients affected by CAAF without IAS hypertonia. METHODS: We enrolled 20 women, affected by idiopathic and non-recurrent CAAF without hypertonic IAS. All patients were followed up for 5 years after surgery with evaluation of anal continence, short and long term post-operative complications, recurrence rate. RESULTS: At 5 years follow up we did not record any new case of anal incontinence and the pre-existing ones haven’t worsened. We observed 2 recurrences, which occurred within 2 years after surgery and healed after medical therapy. The manometric values were similar than those recorded prior to surgery. CONCLUSION: Our study suggests that the procedure performed allows us to preserve anal continence and avoid worsening of its pre-existing alteration.