Localizzazione endotoracica della malattia di Von Recklinghausen.


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Angelo Serao, Giovanni Bellanova, Maria Grazia Papi, Giuseppe Matteucci, Donato Antonellis

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2006; 77: 165-168

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OBJECTIVE: A case of a 45 years old man affected by the Von Recklinghausen disease with a rare neurofibroma of the
thoracic wall is reported.
MATERIALS: Starting from 2000 the Authors are using the V.A.T.S. (video assisted thoracic surgery) in their Department
of surgery, as minimally invasive approach to diagnosis and treatment of some thoracic diseases: initially the patient was
studied by a standard chest x-ray followed by tomography and magnetic resonance to determine the localization of the
neoplasm of the chest wall.
RESULTS: The neurofibroma was removed by V.A.T.S., through a minimal thoracic access. After treatment we observed
the complete remission of symptoms.
DISCUSSION: Single localization of the neurofibroma in the Von Recklinghausen disease can transform into a malignant
neoplasm. The indication to surgery, in the case presented, was determined by the intense thoracic pain and by the risk
of malignant degeneration. The minimally invasive approach showed to be the best option according to the dimensions
of the neurofibroma. In the actual literature this approach represents the gold standard in the treatment of small intrathoracic
CONCLUSION: In the chest wall localization of the Von Recklinghausen disease the Authors recommend the minimal surgical
treatment by using V.A.T.S.