Liver hydatidosis: reasoned indications of surgical treatment. Comparison between conservative and radical techniques Retrospective study


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Giuseppe Salamone, Roberta Tutino, Jenny Atzeni, Leo Licari, Nicola Falco, Giuseppina Orlando, Gaspare Gulotta.

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2014 85: 422-430

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Liver hydatidosis is a focal benign parasitic disease that still cause high rate of morbidity particularly in the Mediterranean area. A retrospective study comparing conservative and radical techniques in a General and Urgent Surgery operative unit was carried out in order to find signs of its surgical treatment. A total of 50 patients, 24 men and 26 women, who experienced a surgical treatment from 2000 to 2011, participated, and through the Fisher’s Exact Test characteristics of the cysts, post-operative complications and relapse were compared. As a result, 29 patients undertook conservative surgery, while 21 radical surgery. There was a relationship between characteristics of the cysts and the technique chosen, (p<0.001). Likewise, whenever the diameter was smaller than 10cm or localized in the left lobe a radical technique was used. Conversely, a conservative technique was used when the diameter was bigger than 10 cm or they were localized in the right lobe or complicated by intra-biliary or intra-peritoneal rupture as well as in contiguity with major vascular and biliary structures. In this regard, while the post-operative morbidity was related to the conservative techniques (p<0.004), the relapses tended to not be related to any techniques in our case (p<0.14). In conclusion, in a non hepato-bilio-pancreatic center a radical surgery including liver resection is suggested for left lobe’s cysts, while a conservative technique tends to be more effective for right lobe’s cysts mainly if complex. Consequently, patients with complicated presentation could explain why conservative treatment causes higher rate of morbidity.


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