L’ernia di Amyand


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Piero Vincenzo Lippolis, Marco Barlettai, Federico Filidei, Massimo Seccia

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2007; 78: 153-158

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first described in 1735 by Claudius Amyand.
This hernia is rarely recognised and diagnosed before the surgical treatment because it is often confused with a strangled
In spite of this, the clinical presentation seems to follow a well determined pathway, so is possible to argue that the
uncorrect diagnosis is to be attributed to the ignorance of this hernia.
We report a case of Amyand’s crural hernia in a woman 57 years old. The base of the appendix was not inflamed
and, according to this, we made an appendectomy. We closed the hernia defect without the use of a synthetic mesh. The
post operative period was regular and free of complications.