L’echinococcosi epatica in Puglia: analisi delle schede di dimissione ospedaliera (S.D.O.) negli anni 1996-2000


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C. Punzo, M. Mastrogiacomo, C. Germinario, G. De Leo, G.M. Bonomo

Ann. Ital. Chir., LXXIII, 6, 2002

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The authors valueted the distribution of Hepatic Hydatidosis in the Region Puglia (Italy) by hospital dimission cards (schede di dimissione ospedaliera). At present, the SDO represent the most important information tool to monitor hospital activity. The authors examineted 468 cases of hepatic Hydatidosis admitted in regional hospital during 1996-2000. 54% were men and 46% women, 75% of whom aged between 40- 60 anni. The median hospitalization time was of 12 days and 80% were surgical departments. All the cases examined were uniformally distribuited in surgical hospitals. No hospital acts as a pole of attraction. The periodal prevalence was 6,4/100.000. 40% of cases had surgical DRG with quadriennal sanitary cost of 4 miliardi liras. The Surgical procedure was 53% hepatic lesion demolition, 14% partial epatectomy, 7,2% lobectomy, 5,2% marsupializzazione, 2,6% hepatectomy, and 19% others procedureses.