Le lesioni traumatiche del retroperitoneo: inquadramento diagnostico e terapeutico. Nostra esperienza su 221 pazienti


Gregorio Tugnoli, Marco Casali, Silvia Villani, Andrea Biscardi, Giovanni Sinibaldi, Franco Baldoni

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2006; 77: 407-410

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BACKGROUND: The management of traumatic retroperitoneal injuries is still confusing to many surgeons. The presence of
injuries of retroperitoneum generally worsens the prognosis in trauma patients and need more attention both the diagnosis
and treatment and mortality is high comparated to abdominal traumati injuries.
METHOD: A retrospective review was conducted of 221 patients with retroperitoneal injuries admitted to the Ospedale
Maggiore Trauma Center in Bologna from 1989 to March 2005.
RESULTS: Two hundred seven were blunt traumas and 14 penetrating. Mean age was 40,3; 25 patients died in operating
room and 25 were treated with Damage Control Surgery for both abdominal and retroperitoenal injuries. The mortality
rate was 15%. Data about surgical treatments, associate treatments for abdominal injuries, and need of reoperation
are reported.
CONCLUSION: Retroperitoneal traumatic injuries are challenging emergencies and need of attention and expertise by the
suorgeon. Only with a careful judgement on the tactics and the procedure to carry on it is possible to gain valid results,
which often means to safe the patients life.