Large extrapleural hematoma in an anticoagulated patient after a thoracic blunt trauma


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Mingoli, M.Assenza, R.Petroni, A.Antoniozzi, G.Brachini, I.Clementi, C.Modini

Ann. Ital. Chir., LXXV, 1, 2004

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Extrapleural hematoma is a rare and life-threatening con-dition characterized by a collection of blood between thepleura parietalis and the endothoracic fascia. It may occurafter the fracture of a thoracic vertebra (6), a sponta-neous aortic rupture (2), or invasive procedures such acentral catheter placement (5), thoracostomy (1), or sym-pathectomy (5), but can also develop from an acute blunttrauma of the chest wall with rib fractures (3,4,7,8). Related symptoms and chest x-ray findings are not cha-racteristic and may present several hours after the injury,leading to delayed diagnosis and treatment. We report acase of a fatal traumatic extrapleural hematoma that deve-loped in an anticoagulated patient with rib fractures andrequired an emergency surgical treatment