Laparoscopic treatment of hepatic hydatid cysts. Our approach


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Selcuk Kaya, Yunus Emre Altuntas, Levent Kaptanoglu, Önder Altin, Metin Kement, Hasan Fehmi Küçük, Negder Bildik

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2019 90, 6

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AIM: In this study, we aimed to evaluate the clinical characteristics and outcome of patients with hydatid cyst (HC) of the liver who were laparoscopically operated at our clinic and to define a new technique and technical details to present our experience in the field of laparoscopic treatment of hepatic hydatid cysts.
METHODS: Between January 2014 and October 2016, 18 patients with hydatid disease of the liver were considered for laparoscopic surgery in Dr. Lutfi Kirdar Education and Research Hospital, Department of General Surgery. All patients were evaluated based on history, physical examination, ultrasound (US), and computed tomography (CT) scan. All ultrasound examinations were classified according to Gharbi. All cases received laparoscopic surgical interventions. Demographic data, clinical presentation, cyst location, operative data, postoperative complications and follow-up results were recorded retrospectively.
RESULTS: Eighteen patients underwent laparoscopic surgery for hydatid cysts of the liver. here were 14 female (78%) and 4 male (22%) patients with a mean age of 42.9 years (range, 19-57). The hydatid cysts were solitary in 11 patients, and multiple in 7 patients had 2 or more cysts (4 patients had 2 cysts, 3 patients had 3 cysts). Most of the cysts on USG were Gharbi type III (8 cysts), 4 of Type II, and 3 of Type I. The average operating time was 75 minutes (range 50 – 135 minutes). Conversion to open surgery was necessary in one patients due to cyst in difficult location.
CONCLUSION: Laparoscopic management of hydatid cysts of the liver can be performed safely and successfully. This technique can be used in patients with unique, small sized, superficially located cysts, and also has the advantages of other abdominal laparoscopic operations.