Laparoscopic treatment of colo-colic intussusception secondary to a lipomatous polyp


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Carlo V. Feo, Daniele Marcello, Claudio F. Feo

Ann Ital Chir, Digital Edition 2017, 6
Epub, June 12

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INTRODUCTION: Colo-colic intussusception is extremely rare in adults and few cases have been described secondary to a
lypomatous polyp.
CASE REPORT: We present the case of a 50-year old man with chronic abdominal pain who was diagnosed a colo-colic
intussusception secondary to a lipoma of the left colon. The patient underwent laparoscopic resection of the splenic
flexure without reduction, which occurred spontaneously after induction of the pneumoperitoneum, and final histology
confirmed a submucosal lipoma with no evidence of malignancy.
CONCLUSION: The traditional treatment of choice for adult intussusception is bowel resection without reduction. More
recently, however, preoperative reduction of the invaginated bowel segment has been reconsidered in order to: 1) avoid
emergency surgery, 2) allow radical surgery for cancer, and 3) reduce the extent of the intestinal resection. To the best
of our knowledge, this is the first case of adult colonic intussusception secondary to a lipoma treated by laparoscopy.