Laparoscopic repair vs open surgery for incisional hernias: a comparison study


COD: 2000_06_663-668 Categorie: ,

A. Zanghì, M. Di Vita, E. Lomenzo, A. De Luca and A. Cappellani

Ann. Ital. Chir., LXXI, 6, 2000

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Background: Incisional Hernias complicate 2-11% of laparotomies and the primary closure of the defect is followed by recurrence in 20-46% of patients. In spite of introduction of prosthetic materials and new techniques the rate of failure reduced but a gold standard has not been defined. Laparoscopic approach, recently introduced appears promisingly effective but only few and small series have been published.
Materials and Methods: Two series of patient, 11 treated by laparoscopic repair (LR) and 15 undergone to open prostetic repair (OR) are compared with regard to age, sex, previous surgery, number of fascial defects, size and location of hernias, ASA status, operating time, intra and postoperative complications, lenght of hospital stay, follow up evaluation and hernia recurrence. Prosthetic materials were e-PTFE in LR group and e PTFE or Polypropilene in OR group. Peripherical hernias have been excluded from the study.


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