Laparoscopic colectomy is a reliable option for colon cancer treatment


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Mario Guerrieri, Lorenzo Organetti, Maddalena Baldarelli, Chiara Romiti, Roberto Campagnacci

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2012 83: 239-244

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AIMS: To report oncological results in a remarkable single institution series of laparoscopic colectomy for cancer.
METHODS: 340 not selected patients with adenocarcinoma of colon underwent laparoscopic colonic resection in a five years period (2004-2008). Of the 340 patients, there were 185 male and 155 female. The mean age was 68 years (31-92). Of the 340 procedures, 175 were laparoscopic right colectomy and 165 laparoscopic left colectomy. No tumor touch technique, ligation at vascular origin, adequate lymphadenectomy and minilaparotomy protection against cells implant was the main landmarks of all cases.
RESULTS: There was no intraoperative mortality. Twenty patients (5.8%) were converted to open surgery. Two patients (0,58%) died in the postoperative period. Five major complications occurred (1,5%) in the postoperative period. The average hospital stay for patients who underwent right colectomy was 6.7 days (4-27) and 6.9 for patients underwent left hemicolectomy (4-23). The average number of lymph nodes removed was 15.6. In a mean 38 months follow-up (25-78) there were 16 incisional hernias, 12 after right colectomy and 4 after left. Eight patients (4,5%) who underwent laparoscopic right colectomy and ten (6%) of the left colectomy group developed a metastatic disease. The overall mortality rate was 10.8%; 14.3% for patients who underwent resection of the right colon and 7.2% for the left colectomy series.
CONCLUSIONS: Laparoscopic colectomy for cancer is feasible, safe and not encumbered by an higher complications rate compared to open colectomy. If the oncological criteria are respected, the results are at least noniferior to the open access.


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