Laparoscopic appendectomy for the treatment of acute appendicitis: A single center experience


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Giuseppe Carbotta, Antonella Del Vecchio, Antonio Prestera, Rita Laforgia,
Maria Grazia Sederino, Giovanni Casamassima, Marina Minafra, Salvatore Fedele,
Giovanni Balducci, Nicola Palasciano

Ann Ital Chir, 2018 89, 3: 278-282
Epub Ahead of Print 31 January 2018

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AIM: The aim of our study is to compare the pre, intra- and post-operative variables of the two surgical techniques, to
demonstrate if laparoscopic appendectomy can be considered safer and associated to better outcome.
MATERIAL OF STUDY: A retrospective analysis of 175 patients has been carried out. Alvarado score, time of surgery,
analgesic therapy and length of hospital stay calculated. Finally, postoperative complications were recorded.
RESULTS: From January 2011 – April 2016 175 patients were enrolled: 128pts underwent laparoscopic technique and
47pts open technique. The average value of Alvarado score is lower in LA group than in OA group just as the average
time of surgery and the use of post-operative analgesic therapy.
DISCUSSION: LA has become the surgical technique mostly performed for the treatment of simple and complicated acute
appendicitis. Our study shows that LA pts are younger with a statistically significant difference
CONCLUSIONS: Most of the emergency appendectomies were performed via laparoscopic technique, especially in young
patients. Laparoscopy is safer and associated to better outcome.