L’analgesia post-operatoria nel trattamento delle patologie ano-rettali


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Maurizio Rossitto, Sebastiano Pantè, Antonino Manfrè, Antonio Ciccolo

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2009; 80: 459-461

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The aim of the study was that to evaluate the post-operative pain in case of ano-rectal diseases wether
treated by ketorolac, or buprenorphine or tramadol.
MATERIALS AND METHODS: The intensity of post-operative pain was evaluated in 60 patients with hemorrhoidal diseases,
fistulae, abscesses and anal neoplasms, divided into three homogenous groups and treated with intramuscular ketorolac
(Group I), transdermal buprenorphine (Group II) and tramadol in elastomeric pump (Group III).
RESULTS: The average index of the visual analogue scale, as mean to evaluate the intensity of the post-operative pain,
was 1,85 in the first group, 1,20 in the second one and 1,40 in the third group.
DISCUSSION: In patients treated with transdermal buprenorphine or with tramadol in elastomeric pump there has been
a more quick psycho-physical recovery than in those treated with ketorolac; the management of elastomeric pump represents
however for patients cause of concern while the transdermal system is a kind of rational and confortable way of
treatment of the pain, with the advantage of being non-invasive.
CONCLUSIONS: Better compliance and lower operating costs have given the preference to the use of transdermal buprenorphine
for the treatment of diseases of the post-operative pain in the diseases of the anal canal.