LAGB: regular follow-up with an interdisciplinary team is the key to success in terms of weight loss and complications


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Marina Taus, Daniele Fumelli, Debora Busni, Giulia Nicolai, Albano Nicolai

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2016 87: 145-151

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BACKGROUND: In severe obesity, most patients do not respond to conventional treatment. Bariatric surgery must only be
proposed in specific cases. LAGB gives excellent long-term results if patient scrupulously complies the follow-up.
STUDY AIM: To evaluate patients who comply with the follow-up procedure over time in terms of weight loss, maintenance
of the result, complications and quality of life.
METHODS: 209 patients underwent LAGB between October 1999 and December 2007 and followed for 5 years. all
patients were offered interdisciplinary counseling to update the therapeutic strategy.
RESULTS: Out of 92 patients who after two years had reached the desired weight 58 patients (63%) had a regular follow-
up and, when necessary, specific counseling. 34 patients (37%) who did not plan follow-up did not maintain the
weight loss, and progressively put on weight between the second and fifth year and had a higher incidence of complications.
(SF-36) established in patients regularly followed improvement of the quality of life (QoL), up to the fifth year.
Short Form Health Survey patients who did not regularly have follow-up the SF-36 showed a worsening of all the test
domains between the second and the fifth year.
CONCLUSIONS: After 5 years, patients with severe obesity (BMI> 40) who underwent LAGB, that took part in a interdisciplinary
follow-up procedure, obtained a full rehabilitation with a change of lifestyle, and maintained the weight loss
obtained after 24 months. The perceived quality of life (QoL) shows a progressive improvement throughout the period
of intensive intervention. Long-term efficacy of LAGB depends on a scrupulous followup and interdisciplinary support.


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