La traumatologia della strada


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Nicola Picardi

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2005; 76: 505-515

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Road accidents are nowadays one of the most important cause of injuries, deaths and definitive invalidity, except the
war casualties. All the developed countries are affected by this problems, and all the efforts are in progress to make aware
the people, mostly the drivers, of all the possible preventive measures.
Not all the accident are per se cause of death or invalidity, and there are a lot of evitable deaths and definite morbidity,
but an incongruous help can worsen the outcome or menace the final validity and life itself.
The injuries affect in different ways the driver and the passenger, and the same safety devices designed to protect the
travellers, as safety belts and air bags, can hit them with peculiar mechanisms. A particular attention must be paid to
the children, too often transported without the correct safety measures.
Very important are the correct steps of the first aid, the succession of the treatment manoeuvres, and the environment
were the patients can and must be treated. The Trauma Center represents an ideal solution for the best treatment, but
its organization is far from simple, particularly in our country so different in the various regions as population, road,
towns and villages distribution, especially in the mountainous districts.
Every effort must be done to organize al the best the first, second and definite aid and treatment, together with the
active and passive safety devices, and with a correct road education, to stop the true epidemic impact of the road accidents.