La terapia chirurgica della gigantomastia


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Mauro Tarallo, Emanuele Cigna, Pasquale Fino, Federico Lo Torto, Nicolò Scuderi

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2011 82: 191-196

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AIM: Macromastia is a social health problem that causes high discomfort in the patients. Goals of reduction mammaplasty
are to alleviate physical, emotional and psychosocial problems and to restore a conical shaped breast, maintaining
scars as short as possible. We report our approach for reduction mammaplasty with superior pedicle.
MATERIALS OF STUDY: Our method combines advantages of round block with vertical scar, using a dermal flap that is
fixed to the new mammary crease. We analyzed skin and glandular resection customizing the mammaplasty.
RESULTS: The dermal flap works against the weight of residual tissue, maintaining the crease at the desired position with
natural result. Benefits are an excellent projection, short scar, suitable reshaping and patient satisfaction.
DISCUSSION AND CONCLUSIONS: This technique can be used for mild to severe hypertrophy with various degrees of ptosis.
It results in a successful aesthetic outcome with minimal scarring suitable breast remodelling and natural long-lasting


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