La sindrome “Body packers”. Caso clinico e revisione della letteratura


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Piero Rossi, Antonio Manzelli, Edoardo Ricciardi, Silvia Quaresima, Luca Boi, Giovanni Simonetti, Giuseppe Petrella

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2011 82: 323-327

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INTRODUCTION: With the term Body packers we identify people who carry drugs hidden in their bodies especially on international
flights. These event are constantly increasing all over the world. The accidental spontaneous opening of the drug
packers is the major risk for patient’s life, because the release cocaine inside the bowel can stir up the Body packers Syndrome.
This eventuality is a medical surgical emergency that needs a wel timed diagnosis and a sudden treatment .
CASE REPORT: We report a case of a 31 years old Caucasian woman, admitted from Rome International Airport to the
nearest Emergency Unit and then moved to our Department because of suspected epilepsy hiding a diagnosis of Body
packers Syndrome in acute phase. When the diagnosis was made, the woman was submitted to a colonoscopy and ciecotomy,
and fifty-three packets were removed. In intensive care any complication occurred after surgery.
CONCLUSION: The Body packing of drugs it’s constantly a going problem. In Italy currently there aren’t shared guide
lines about the management of these patients. The international experience reports that in asymptomatic patients is enough
a conservative treatment to help the spontaneous evacuation of packets but if the Body packers Syndrome is already
present the best treatment is the surgical one. Quickness, accuracy and right use of radiology are the main factors to
reach a correct diagnosis and to obtain a good result.