La protesi in PTFEe a superfici differenziate (dual mesh-plus) nella riparazione dei laparoceli e delle ernie ombelicali nell’anziano


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G. Zanghì, F. Catalano, A. Zanghì, G. Caruso, S. Strano, A. Biondi, G. Benfatto, F. Basile

Ann. Ital. Chir., LXXIII, 5, 2002

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The article reports the author’s experience about the use of Gore-Tex Dual Mesh Biomaterial in large incisional hernia operations in patients over seventy. From jennary1996 at present day we operated on 23 patients for treatment of abdominal wall defect. In all patients we used a Dual Mesh. Overall mortality was 0. Morbility was 9,5%. Follow-up is too short for definitive considerations about the incidence of recurrences but our initial experience with this material encourages us to use it again for replacement of abdominal wall defects especially in the old patient.