La nostra esperienza in tema di: Tumori neuroendocrini gastroenteropancreatici biologicamente inattivi (GEP-BINT)


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L. Napolitano, F. Francomano, E. Gargano, T. Francione, D. Angelucci, A.M. Napolitano

Ann. Ital. Chir., LXXII, 1, 2001

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The Authors present 9 cases of gastro-enteropancreatic neuro-endocrine biologically inactive tumors. In 5 cases the tumor site was appendicular. In 4 patients an appendec – tomy was performed, in one patient a right hemicolectomy and the patients after a period of 3-9 years are well and disease free. In a patient with a gastric carcinoid and a single hepatic metastasis a total gastrectomy with an hepa – tic metastasectomy were performed but the patient died 16 months thereafter. In a case localized to the right colon with a single hepatic metastasis a right hemicolectomy was performed with a metastasectomy but the patient died after 12 months. In a case localized to an ileal loop a segmental resection was performed followed by a medical therapy with octreo – tide and the patient is well and disease free after 3 years. In a case localized to the pancreas with widespread lympha – tic metastasis it was performed a simple biliary diversion (coledocho-duodenostomy) followed by medical therapy with octreotide. Surprisingly after 4 years the patient is alive and a TC control shows a decrease of the pancreatic tumor and of the lymphoglandular tumefactions.