La litiasi biliare intraepatica: esperienza di 20 anni


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M. Barbuscia, S. Gorgone, A.G. Rizzo, G. Melita, M. Sanò, R. Di Pietro, N. Di Pietro

Ann. Ital. Chir., LXXIII, 3, 2002

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In confirming that intahepatic gallstones don’t represent a frequent disease in western countries, Authors specify howthis incidence is going to grow up slowly, but in a progressive way. In reporting their experience since 1980 to nawadays they point aut how different diagnostic procedures and therape way of acting were in the girst and in the second deca. After haing explained actual therapeutic direction that is described in literature, they finish by stating how this is often conditioned by complex anatomicopathological picture and by seriousness of hepatic damage that often comes with intrahepatic lithiasis.