La colectomia subtotale nel trattamento dell’occlusione meccanica da carcinoma del colon


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Curzio Lorusso, Domenico Merlicco, Michele Nacchiero

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2005; 76: 569-572

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INTRODUCTION: Subtotal colectomy and ileo-sigmoid or ileo-rectal anastomosis is a treatment wort of considering in
patients affected by colonic neoplastic obstruction, as it shows low morbidity and mortality, and good results.
CASE REPORT: A case of bowel obstruction due to a stenotizing neoplasm of sigmoid colon is reported. The obstruction
causes severe dilation before the stricture), particularly accentuated in the cecum, which showed very reduced wall thickness
and initial signs of ischaemia.
Staplers (GIA 75 and EEA 31) were employed to perform a quick and aseptic (removal of a closed specimen) surgical
procedure, subtotal colectomy and L-T ileo-rectal anastomosis.
CONCLUSIONS: According to personal experience, benefits and disadvantages related to its surgical options are considered
by the Authors.