La chemioterapia neoadiuvante nel cancro gastrico



Ann. Ital. Chir., LXXII, 1, 2001

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A complete surgical resection currently represents the only curative treatment option for gastric carcinoma, but as regards locally advanced cancer the possibility of local or distant recurrence remains extremely high even following a R0 resection. As far as T3-4 / N+ tumors are concerned, unsatisfying results of surgery alone have stressed the need for multimodal treatments: in the recent past adjuvant che – motherapy has represented a common complementary treat – ment for locally advanced gastric cancer, but conclusive results of most randomized trials did not show a signifi – cant impact on long term survival. Literature review shows a growing trend throughout the 90’s towards the adoption of a preoperative chemotherapy, initially evaluated as a form of “salvage” palliative treatment for unresectable patients. To date a number of phase II study suggests the efficacy of neo-adjuvant treatment administered to resectable patients with the purpose of inducing tumor downstaging, increa – sing the rate of R0 resections and controlling recurrencies. From March 1996 the Authors have started a controlled study on neo-adjuvant therapy for locally advanced gastric cancer. Accurate staging and patients selection were based upon immediately preoperative laparoscopy. In this ongoing study, patients are administered two preoperative cycles of EEP chemotherapy (Etoposide, Epirubicin,cis-Platin). Preliminary data have been evaluated on the first 15 cases.