Intraoperative continuous intestinal loop warming technique A prospective randomised trial


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Francesco Rulli, Mario Stefani, Myftar Torba, Arvin Dibra, Erina Alushi, Filadelfo Coniglione, Mostafa Shalaby, Pierpaolo Sileri

Ann Ital Chir, 2016 88, 3: 237-241
Epub Ahead of Print – March 14

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AIM: The aim of this study is to evaluate if the Intraoperative Continuous Intestinal Loop Warming (ICLW) is a valid
trick to decrease the postoperative paralytic ileus.
METHODS: The subjects were patients who underwent emergency open abdominal surgery for either benign or malignant
diseases. Patients were divided into two groups; group A patients who was secluded for ICLW, and a control group B
who was not secluded for ICLW. The primary outcomes were the time of recovery of bowel movement, 30 days postoperative
mortality and morbidity, morbidity was graded by the Clavien-Dindo classification of surgical complications.
Secondary outcomes were operative time, and length of hospital stay.
RESULTS: A total numbers of 100 patients were randomly assigned in this prospective study. The mean time of bowel
function recovery in the group A was 41.52 hours, whereas for group B was 67.20 hours, these differences were statistically
significant with a P value < 0.05. In group B the bowel function recovery for 64% of the patients took between
72-96 hours furthermore, the longest time for peristaltic recovery was 96 hours which was only observed in patients of
group B. There were no intra-operative complication in both groups. There is no difference in the two groups in term
of 30 day postoperative morbidity.
CONCLUSIONS: Intra-operative continuous intestinal loop warming technique is a simple, safe and low cost technique. It
seems that intra-operative continuous intestinal loop warming technique maintain tissues hydration and conserve the body
temperature limiting the stress response and help in decreasing the incidence of postoperative paralytic ileus.

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