Intracranial soft-tissue glomus tumor (glomangioma) in a young-woman. A case report and review of the literature.


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Biagio Roberto Carangelo, Laura Lavalle, Guido Gabriele, Davide Luglietto
Ann Ital Chir, Digital Edition 2020, 9
Epub, Nov. 30

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BACKGROUND: Glomus tumors, or glomangiomas, are benign vascular tumors typically seen at distal extremities. These tumors differ from paragangliomas and classically present in the female population between the 4th and 5th decade. Intracranial localizations have not been described in literature in the adult population.
CASE DESCRIPTION: We present a case of a 32 year-old woman with a 3 months history of progressive left-sided visual loss and headache. A pre-operative MRI showed a homogeneously enhancing lesion extending from the left cavernous sinus to middle cranial fossa at first suspected to be a cavernous sinus meningioma. Eventually, histopathological analysis concluded for a glomangioma diagnosis. Post-operative RT was also performed.
CONCLUSIONS: From our experience it is very important for clinical management considering glomangiomas in differential diagnosis of a homogeneously enhancing extra axial mass. Subtotal resection followed by radiation therapy determined no recurrence of the disease up to 7 years.