Intestinal perforation by a foreign body, without identifying a perforation site at laparotomy


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Georgios Velimezis, Dimitrios Filippou, Georgios Filippou, Nicolas Condilis, Antonios Vezakis, Evangelos Perrakis, Christianakis Eftstratios, Spiros Rizos, Nicolaos Paschalidis

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2009; 80: 61-64

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A case is reported of a young man, who was presented with abdominal pain and an infiaminatory abdominal mass
resulting from intestinal perforation by a wooden spike.
Thorough surgical exploration of the abdominal cavity didn’t reveal the perforation site. An inflammatory mass in small
bowel mesentery was excised and the cavity drained. The patient had an uneventful recovery.
In cases of intestinal perforation by wooden spikes the site of perforation may not be identified. Healing of the opening
after the passage of the spike is the possible mechanism. The outcorne of these patients even without finding the opening
is favorable.