Internal jugular Venous Compression Syndrome: hemodynamic outcomes after cervical vertebral decompression manipulations.


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Sandro Mandolesi, Domenico Ricci.

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2015 86: 114-116

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OBJECTIVE: The AA studied hemodynamic effects in Venous Compression Syndrome of internal Jugular veins, after notinvasive treatment by RIMA (Ricci’s manipulation) cervical manipulations. METHODS: Twentysix subjects were enrolled with at least one jugular vein with complete (white) compression in frontal neck position, assessed by echo color Doppler. RESULTS: after first RIMA procedure we had a reduction of 81.25% (6/32) in the total number of internal jugular vein white compressions. CONCLUSIONS: Our results suggest that RIMA decompression method may be useful to restore the drainage of internal jugular veins when a white compression occurs. Considering the novelty of this work and the total absence of scientific similar works able to confirm this data, it is necessary to continue these studies in order to improve the management of this venous hemodynamic condition.