Inflammatory breast cancer


Vittorio Pasta, Francesca Mitri, Maria Ida Amabile, Nicola Picardi

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2006; 77: 275-279

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Actually it is more correctly appointed as inflammatory breast cancer, because notwithstanding the inflammatory appearance,
it is a true systemic breast cancer, for which surgery represents an only marginal treatment resource.
If is now well known that radical mastectomy is ineffective and only a combination of CT and RT offers survival results
of some value. But the actual correct multi modal treatment cannot be undertaken if not after a correct diagnostic confirmation,
avoiding an anti-inflammatory therapeutic attempt that is time consuming and possibly deceptive. Surgery and
histology can be the only means of a correct diagnosis when FNAB is falsely negative, but the lymph nodes must be the
preferential tissue to examinate to avoid long lasting drainage from the breast parenchyma after a biopsy, that delays the
beginning of the true treatment.