Immediately loaded post-extraction implant


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Antonio Crispino, Claudio Iovane, Luigi Lidonnici, Leonzio Fortunato

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2014 85: 365-371
Published online 24 February 2014

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BACKGROUND: Thanks to the recent scientific improvements, the insertion of immediately loaded post-extraction implants
has become a routine, rather than elective, surgical treatment, which vaunts a success rate close to 100%.
AIM: The purpose of this study is to analyze the actual status regarding this field and to critically review the current
available literature.
MATERIAL OF STUDY: A research was made in the Pubmed database, by using the keywords “immediate loading”, “postextraction”,
“dental implant”, for studies published in the last 10 years. Sixty articles were selected in this review in
order to investigate and define indications and counter-indications, benefits and disadvantages, pre-surgical evaluation
and surgical technique, influential factors and available technologies for planning of this treatment.
RESULTS: The dental implants into fresh extraction sockets and their immediate loading is associated with a high success
and survival rate, comparable with those obtained in case of conventional delayed loading. Many studies show the
practicability and expectation of this procedure.
DISCUSSION: The immediate loading of dental implants reduces the risk for osteo fibro integration by inducing a more
dense perimplant bone apposition. Factors that influence the success of this treatment are: patient selection, bone quality
and density, micro- and macrostructure of the implant, surgical technique, control of occlusal forces, prosthesis guidelines
and the achievement of primary stability.
CONCLUSIONS: It may be concluded that this surgical protocol, if well-managed, guarantees the desired implant-prosthetic
outcome, shows a high aesthetic result and reduces treatment time, by ensuring the comfort and by making the patient


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