Il carcinoma anale


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N. Belnome, M. Salibra, V. Bartolo, M. Turrisi, E. Cesario, S. Di Mauro

Ann. Ital. Chir., LXXII, 3, 2001

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The authors, want to dimostrate the operation of abdominal perianal rectum amputation, and it is considered absolute, even 80 years, in the treatment of the anal neoplasia, it is superseded by alternative methods represented by protocols radio-chemo-therapeutic associated or less to the surgery treatment. They make then a retrospective valuation since 1963 till our days on 54 patients. In the 6 patients (stadium I-II) treated after 1982 with protocols of freemall, it is was obteined disappearence of the neoplasia about 50% the cases. On overcoming of the results there was in a second group of 8 patients (1987) treated always with protocol of Greenall, in 5 of these (62,5%) could observe absence of remaing of disease. In the third group (1993) on 8 patients treated with therapy fixed radio-chemo, it was registred the absence of the residual of ilness in 6 patients(75,5%).