Il cancro del colon complicato: esperienza di una Unità Operativa Chirurgica


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E. Mascitelli, M.L. Vene, A. Tauro, G. Sigismondi, N. Picardi

Ann. Ital. Chir., LXXIV, 3, 2003

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Introduction: Prognosis of colon cancer is worse if complications are present at the moment of diagnosis. The high mortality rate with surgery in emergency in such cases needs a careful reflection about the best suitable operation to perform.
Materials and methods: 107 consecutive patients observed along a 9 year-period for colon-rectal cancer are retrospectively analysed. 27 of them were complicated at the presentation for obstruction (19 patients), colon perforation (6 patients) or rectal hemorrhage (2 patients).
In the whole experience 5 patients underwent primary resection of the tumour and direct anastomosis; 5 only a decompressive colostomy; 6 were primarily resected and anastomized under the protection of a ciecostomy; 6 other patients underwent a Hartmann procedure; 2 were treated with only an intestinal by-pass; 1 was treated with Miles procedure; 1 with an anterior rectal section and the last one was resected- anastomized in two steps, after a temporary decompressive colostomy.