Iatrogenic splenic injuries


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Alessandro Falsetto, Marcello Della Corte, Vito De Pascale, Giuseppe Surfaro, Antonio Cennamo

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2005; 76: 175-181

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Inadvertent intraoperative injuries to the spleen by the surgical team represent an underestimated complication of many
abdominal procedures. Surgical reports often lack the necessary details and frequently a clear justification as why a splenectomy
was indicated is not provided. The wide variability of the incidence reported in literature makes it is difficult
to evaluate the morbidity and mortality associated to these injuries and to assess the early and late consequences of this
complication, although it is still possible to infer some of the reasons for these inconsistencies and to roughly estimate
both clinical and socio-economical effects of this injury.
Given the degree of uncertainty on the incidence of iatrogenic and traumatic splenic injuries and on the immediate and
long-term sequelae suffered by asplenic patients, we thought that a multicentric prospective study was warranted. We are
therefore announcing the start of a study involving several Institutions within the Regione Campania, aimed at obtaining
an unbiased estimate of the incidence of these injuries, together with the extent and severity of their long term
complications. We also aim to help promoting a more effective prevention.


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