Haemorrhagic cholecystitis. Report of a case with comprensive literature review and treatment algorhitm


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Dimitri Krizzuk, Ilaria Peluso, Gennaro Pisani, Francesco Falbo, Gioacchino Maria Montalto, Giulio Illuminati, Francesco Sammartino

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2022 93, 6: 663-670

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Hemorrhagic Cholecystitis is a rare condition and usually represents a complication of acute cholecystitis. The clinical presentation is quite overlapping and usually involves abdominal pain that may be associated with fever, jaundice, nausea, vomiting, and finally haemobilia. It frequently involves patients with preexisting conditions such as chronic kidney disease undergoing hemodialysis or anticoagulation therapy. Due to the deadly potential of this condition attention must be high during diagnostics and treatment in order to avoid an ill-fated conclusion. To our knowledge, there is a lack of a comprehensive review on the subject as most of the literature consists of case reports or small case series. In order to give a contribution to improving the treatment strategy of this condition, we report a case successfully treated with cholecystectomy, and performed a literature review. Using the term “Hemorrhagic Cholecystitis”, on PubMed database we found 67 cases reported in the English literature. The cases were analyzed by two researchers and clinical information was extrapolated and organized, aiming to create a comprehensive review on the subject, that may be clear and useful in clinical practice.