Giant aneurysm of the splenic artery in an elderly man Short report and review of the literature


Fabio Zampieri, Valerio Gentile, Piero Vincenzo Lippolis, Giuseppe Zocco, Massimo Chiarugi, Massimo Seccia

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2005; 76: 275-279

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Splenic Artery Aneurysms (SAAs) are usually single and small lesions, and their size rarely exceed 3 cm. In a review
of the literature from 1950 to date, only 18 aneurysms defined as “giant” were found in 15 reported papers.
CASE REPORT: A case of an 87-year-old man, successfully treated for a 7 cm wide aneurysm of the splenic artery is reported.
Except for his age, the patient did not show any significant association with aneurysm-related diseases and was successfully
submitted to en-bloc aneurysmectomy and splenectomy via open surgery.