From occult parodontopathy to splenic abscess leading to septic shock.


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Martina Guerra, Cristiana Iacuzzo, Fabio Porcelli, Nicolò de Manzini.

Ann Ital Chir, Digital Edition 2018, 7

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We present a case of a suspect splenic hematoma in an anticoagulated patient with an ignored diabetes mellitus, come to our emergency department. Lab tests showed increased CRP and INR, with an incoming hepatorenal syndrome. During the CT-scan the patient became unstable and the hemoglobin decreased. We decided for an emergency explorative laparotomy finding instead purulent collections with no evidence of bleeding, so we drained the pus and performed a splenectomy. After we excluded all the common primary sites of infection, we found out a severe chronic parodontopathy caused by multiple colonies of Candida albicans.