Follow-up postchirurgico del cancro gastrico mediante markers neoplastici e 18-FDG-PET/TC


Alberto Patriti, Luigina Graziosi, Nicodemo Baffa, Eugenio Pacifico, Papaefthimiou Lamprini, Saverio Valiani, Nino Gullà, Annibale Donini

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2007; 78: 481-485

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INTRODUCTION: The usefulness of tumour markers CEA,CA19.9 and CA72.4 in association with FDG-PET/TC were
prospectively evaluated in the post-operative follow-up of gastric cancer patients.
MATERIAL AND METHODS: Fifty one consecutive patients were enrolled in a follow-up programme entailing with periodical
clinical evaluations, instrumental examinations and tumour markers assay. FDG-PET/TC was performed only in
cases of suspected recurrence.
RESULTS: Sensitivity of CEA, CA19.9 e CA72.4 during the follow-up period was respectively: 16%,33.3% e 50%.
Overall sensitivity was 66.6%. Specificity was 100% for CEA, 93.3% for CA19.9, 100% for CA72.4, with an overall
specificity of 96.2%. FDG-PET/TC had a sensitivity of 100%.
CONCLUSIONS: Tumour markers in association with FDG-PET/TC allow an early identification of recurrences after
surgery, with the advantage to start chemotherapy or surgical protocols before the tumour has reached an advanced stage.