Ferita d’arma da fuoco del collo settore 3. Singolare percorso del proiettile


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Antonio Martino1, Dino De Rienzo, Marco Evangelista, Francesco La Rocca, Gautam Maharajan4, Giovanni Martino3, Maria Lucia Sacc,, Mariano Scaglione

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2009; 80: 145-149

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The paper deals with the peculiarities of a firearm wound regarding the dynamic of the accident and particularly considering
the path followed by the bullet. The patient’s firearm wound is described on the basis of the instrumental examinations
done. These last give us a precious help to confirm the thesis, already guessed on the clinical examination of
an introduction and path followed through the digestive trait, and to show the dynamics and the still positions of the
bullet inside the patient’s body. The bullet was expelled spontaneously by defecation. After control of no internal damages
this firearm wound has been treated simply as a normal tip wound.