Fattori predisponenti e trattamento dell’occlusione intestinale da sindrome aderenziale


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G. Benfatto, L. Tenaglia, G. Catania, S. Benfatto, F. Catalano, A. Biondi, R. Giovinetto, A. Giovinetto

Ann. Ital. Chir., LXXIV, 6, 2003

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Our study is based on a retrospective analysis about a ten years’ control on patients with a small bowel adhesive obstruction (SBAO) due to primitive abdominal surgical operations. From the valuation of the obtained data and through a literature’s review we tried to better define the best treatment. On 297 admissions of 248 patients with a diagnosis of SBAO 196 operations were performed, which indication was based on every clinical data, haematologic and radiologic examinations. Moreover, it was analysed the responsive factor that caused adhesions with a careful valuation of the primitive surgical operation and the possibility of recurrences.