Fast-track surgery concepts for congenital urogenital anomalies


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Marta R. Bizic, Marko J. Majstorovic, Vojkan Vukadinovic, Gradimir Korac, Zoran Krstic, Zoran Radojicic, Sinisa Ducic, Miroslav L. Djordjevic

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2013 84: 61-66

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AIM: To investigate the possibility of fast-track surgery concepts in pediatric urology department as a single center study
model of a developing country.
MATERIAL OF STUDY: The study included 1620 patients surgically treated at the pediatric urology department, from 2009
to 2011. According to the congenital anomalies, all patients were classified in one of four groups: I – testicular anomalies
(197 patients); II – external genital anomalies (453); III – upper urinary tract anomalies (801) and IV – associated
anomalies (169). We analyzed the total duration of stay in the hospital of all patients among all treating doctors
concerning the anomaly.
RESULTS: Statistically significant difference in total length of hospitalization of all patients in Group I was noted in
Doctors 1 and 5 (F=10.36** for F0.05;5;12=3.11 and F0.01;5;12=5.06), as well as in the Group II (F=17.01** for
F0.05;5;12=3.11 and F0.01;5;12=5.06). Statistical analysis was not possible to be performed in groups III and IV because of
lack of the patients.
DISCUSSION: Analyzing the length of hospitalization of the patients treated at the urology department, all doctors showed
the tendency to shorten the total length of hospitalization in patients of all groups. Majority of the studies carried out
on pediatric urology departments in developed countries, showed that over 50% of children were successfully treated using
fast-track surgery concept.
CONCLUSIONS: Modern methods of surgical management and anesthesia allow decrease of hospitalization length, financial
savings to the healthcare system and better comfort for patients.


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