Expression of nestin and chromogranin in regeneration zones of rat pancreas.


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Bahadir Ege, Tolga Dinc, Selami Ilgaz Kayilioglu, Ekmel Tezel, Emin Ersoy

Ann Ital Chir, 2017 88, 1: 76-81
Epub Ahead of Print 20 Jan. 2017

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AIM: The particular signals that start and orchestrate the regeneration process in pancreas are not well understood yet.
We aimed to investigate the expression of nestin and chromogranin A in pancreatic regeneration zones and a secondary
objective, we assessed the efficiency of pancreatic duct ligation method in creation of a pancreatic regeneration model in
MATERIALS AND METHODS: Partial (90%) pancreatectomy and pancreatic duct ligation were performed in Wistar rats,
in order to create pancreatic regeneration models. Pancreatic tissues were examined histologically. Expression profiles were
investigated by immunohistochemistry for nestin and chromogranin A.
RESULTS: Nestin and chromogranin A expressions were observed in regeneration zones. Pancreatic regenerations zones were
seen in pancreatic duct ligation group samples as well as partial pancreatectomy group. Nestin was expressed prominently
in acinoductular metaplasia cells in regeneration zones. This was best demonstrated in the samples of pancreatic duct
ligation group. In the subsequent sections of nestin positive sites, cytoplasmic positivity with chromogranin A was observed.
CONCLUSION: This study confirms that nestin and chromogranin A can be detected in neogenesis-evoked pancreatic tissue,
particularly in the acinoductular epithelium. Nestin and chromogranin A may be important markers to identify
pancreatic stem cells. Pancreatic duct ligation can be used for creating pancreatic regeneration model in rats.


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