Esperienza pluriennale con l’intervento di Mason-Mc Lean per il trattamento dell’Obesità


Nicola Picardi, Franco Relmi, Teresa Rea, Sonia Di Paolo, Gianni Sigismondi

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2005; 76: 439-444

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Bariatric surgery is still in search of a general agreement among surgeons for the more advisable technical procedure,
and the various solutions actually overall performed are almost only on empirical basis.
The main wanted result of such variety, of procedures is represented by the possibility to restore the body weight to physiological
values without adverse effects. The Authors’ experience is referred to 94 consecutive surgical procedures to treat
obese patients and is completely homogenous, with all the patients treated by vertical gastroplasty, and the most of them
are almost completely controlled till 24 months for clinical, biological, psychological and weight parameters.
The complete absence of complications and the relevant compliance of all patients, without biological derangement from
the normal values, correction of those preoperatively altered, and with the restoration of the body weight to the mean
normal values of BMI, encourage the Authors to sustain the great advisability of the chosen technique.