Enterorragia acuta da tumore stromale gastrointestinale (GIST). Contributo clinico


COD: 2002_06_635-642 Categorie: ,

A. Ciccolo, T. Centorrino, M. Rossitto, A. Barbera, M.T. Fonti, F. Fedele

Ann. Ital. Chir., LXXIII, 6, 2002

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A.A. refer a case report on a patient observed in emergency condition for acute bleeding from digiunal bowel by a GIST. Starting from clinical case, describe a brief profile of clinical, histogenetic, diagnostic and prognostic caractheristics of the GIST also delineated by recent reports from literature; agree with other A.A. about treatment procedure represented always by resection of affected intestinal tract and never by enucleation for inconstant and unforeseeable biologic comportment by this tumours.