Emorroidectomia secondo Ferguson in day-surgery.


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Antonio Carditello, Francesco Stilo

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2006; 77: 47-50

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AIM OF THE STUDY: To evaluate of results of 1511 surgical haemorrhoidectomies performed in day-surgery setting (7-24
hours hospital stay) with improvement of both cost effectiveness and patient comfort.
MATERIAL AND METHODS: From January 1980 to December 2002, 1511 patients underwent haemorrhoidectomy according
to Ferguson, 1011 patients for grade III-IV haemorrhoids 10% of them for recurrence and 5% previous treated
by criotherapy or elastic ligature, 500 patients for grade II haemorrhoids 25% of them previous treated by criotherapy
or elastic ligature and 7% for recurrence. 97,6% of patients were operated on with loco-regional anaesthesia; the others
with narcosis and peripheral anaesthesia. The hospital-stay was 24 hours in 34% of patients, while the remaining 66%
operated on under loco-regional anaesthesia were hospitalised for 7-10 hours. Twenty-seven patients (1.8%) have had
postoperative haemorrhage, only three patients (0.2%) underwent reoperation under general anaesthesia with a hospital
stay of 7 days. In 52% of patients clinical recovery was observed at first follow-up (7 days); 48% had recovered at the
second follow-up (14 days).
RESULTS: In 1286 patients (98% of patients came back to control) anatomical recovery was observed at the follow-up
three months after surgery. Patients satisfaction 6 months after operation was high in 73%; good in 26%; low in 1%.
CONCLUSIONS: These results seems confirm the feasibility of haemorrhoidectomy in day-surgery in almost all patients,
with both a considerably cost reduction and enhanced patient comfort and compliance.


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