Emorroidectomia con tecnica THD (Transanal Haemorroidal Dearterialization) Nostra esperienza


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Andrea Tirone, Giuseppe Vuolo, Ilaria Gaggelli, Nicolò Francioli, Pasquale D’Onofrio, Salvatore Quarta, Luigi Verre

Ann. Ital. Chir., 2010; 81: 311-313

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Transanal haemorroidal dearterialisation (THD) is a nonexcisional surgical tecnique for the treatment of piles, consisting
in the ligation of the distal branches of the superior rectal artery, resultin in a reduction of blood flow and decongestion
of the haemorroidal plexus.THD for 2° and 3° degree haemorroids is highly effective and painless. There are
few complications and the technique can be performed as a day case.