Elastofibroma dorsi. Our experience with 11 lesions


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Federico Cesare Novati, Alberto Franchi, Giovanni Papa, Zoran Marij Arnež

Ann. Ital. Chir.Published online (EP) 29 December 2014

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Elastofibroma is a rare benign lesion that typically arises on the posterior chest wall beneath the scapula. The etiopatho-genesis is still unclear and the knowledge about its diagnosis and management mainly comes from small case series.We collected all the data related to 11 Elastofibroma Dorsi treated at our institution between January 2003 and July2014. The definitive diagnosis was made by histological examination of the mass. We analyzed the characteristic of thepatients, (i.e. age, sex, dominant hand, and occupation), the presenting symptoms and signs, the preoperative investiga-tions, surgical management and complications comparing our findings with the current medical literature on the sub-ject.We found that preoperative investigations are of limited value and when clinical presentation is typical the diagnosiscould be made presumptively. Surgery should be performed under general anaesthesia since local anaesthetic infiltrationand sedation are often inadequate to reduce intraoperative discomfort.