Drain amylase monitoring for early diagnosis of anastomotic leakage in sleeve gastrectomy An animal study


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Riza Gurhan Isil, Seracettin Egin, Mehmet Ilhan, Suleyman Bademler, Berk Gokcek, Metin Yesiltas, Semih Hot, Okan Dikker, Recep Guloglu

Ann Ital Chir, Digital Edition 2018; 7
Epub Ahead of Print – September 18

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BACKGROUND: Sleeve gastrectomy(SG) is a popular bariatric surgery procedure with rare but dreaded complications.
Although drain amylase levels are a reliable early predictor of anastomosis leakage in oesophagectomy and pancreaticoduodenectomy,
for SG have not yet been studied. We aimed to monitor drain amylase levels to ascertain their applicability
for early diagnosis of gastric leakage in SG.
METHODS: Twenty-four rats were randomly divided into three groups: Group A: only laparotomy and abdominal drain;
Group B: laparotomy, SG, and drain; Group C: laparotomy, SG with fistula,and drain. On postoperative days 0,1,2,3,
and 4, drain lavage samples were collected to measure amylase.
RESULTS: Groups were compared in pairs. Preoperative weights were not significantly different in any comparison. On
postoperative days 0,1,2,3, and 4, drain amylase levels were found to be significantly lower in Group A than in Group
B as well as in Group A than in Group C but were significantly higher in Group C than in Group B. For postoperative
day 1, a receiver operating characteristic curve was done. Drain amylase levels over 1514 IU were statistically significant
for leakage.
CONCLUSIONS: Drain amylase levels were significantly high in sleeve gastrectomy with fistula. This indicates that drain
amylase level monitoring might be an easy and cheap alternative for determining staple-line leakage for high risk patients
with Body Mass Index(BMI)>50kg/m2 in whom we cannot use radiological imaging.


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